Recycled Conveyor Belts

Recycled Conveyor Belts

The uses for recycled conveyor belts is only limited by your imagination!

Recycled Conveyor Belts

We are a Brisbane based company, located close to the major transport companies, making it easy to get freight sent to not only Queensland, but other states as well. Being a "heavy" product the freight costs of used conveyor belt can become significant so we will work with you to minimise the transport size. In the past 18 months the following are just some applications we have supplied customers used conveyor belts for:
  • 4x4 and truck Mudflaps
  • Heavy mudflaps for grain harvester - 25mm thick to go in front of the tyres and knock the stubble down
  • Protective matts - lay down on concrete/bitumen to allow heavy equipment such as excavators to track over without damage
  • Rifle range - protective sheets in front of bunkers to prevent any ricochet
  • Drain liners - open agricultural drains
  • Under cattle water troughs
  • Cattle feed bins
  • Horse stable, not just floors but wall lining as well


The uses for recycled conveyor belts fall into these main categories: